Simulation adapted from the Chanel Shopping Center


Meet ISI, your new shopping assistant.

ISI is a shopping assistant integrated into the shopping cart. It provides you the best route to get the items of your shopping list, it suggests products, recipes, promotions and allows you to register your products as you go.

It started as a challenge to design a solution that would combine location technology with shopping experience, and ended up as a proposal for a shopping interface (watch the video bellow) that can benefit both the customer and the supermarket.


Smart shopping lists made easy.

The main goal was to create an assistant that helps you focus on your shopping list while not missing promotions and other items you might like: Improving customer satisfaction without hurting the supermarket sales.


The design of the device.

The design of the tablet-like device needed to be sober, robust and intuitive. It is mounted directly on the shopping cart, in a comfortable position to look at and interact with. Besides the display it has a barcode and "ISI ID" scanner on the left and a battery line that is integrated inside the handle bar. The shape of the device was defined by its components and the need to resist weight and impact.


I S I   I N  E X H I B I T I O N