H O W  F A R  I S  F A R ?

Far is near. The world is smaller, the pace of our lives is faster and the future is closer.

The exponential growth of technology challenges us to anticipate the future, predict it
 and shape it. By thinking far we can provide solutions in advance to problems yet to come;
by asking ourselves "what if" we are able to envision new scenarios, utopias and solutions
for these problems. But In order to make this innovations and visions possible we need to
make them desirable and convincing. That is the true value of visualizing ideas — making
them tangible, making what is far feel near.



P O R T F O L I O   S E L E C T I O N   F O R   P C H   I N N O V A T I O N S

Bellow you can find a selection of projects ranging from Design Fiction to Conceptual
. Other projects can be found on the general index of the website. To know more
about my working experience please check my Curriculum Vitæ.

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Design Fiction (2015)

A set of wearable brain stimulation devices for 2025 built upon the believe that the future is all about presence.

Context: 2025 - a time of information overload and constant exposure to content and entertainment. Solution: a trio of devices that empower states of focus, creativity and meditation by neuro-stimulation.

Next Gardens
Design Fiction (2014)

Envisioning the future of "Gardena" - the european leader in gardening tools. 

Context: 2024 - people have less and less time for gardening and seek for the benefits of having one. Solution: a collection of drones that monitor, treat and guard your garden so you can enjoy it at its best at any given time.

N Series
Ongoing Design Fiction Project (2015)

A collection of wearable devices that aim to beautify technology and inspire new functions or applications.

Ongoing project. HOS was a variation of one of the wearables created during this project.

Conceptual Design (2012)

A shopping assistant integrated into the shopping cart. Development of the UI, UX and Industrial Design.

Conceptual Design (2015)

Run is a great way to say healthy and in shape. How could we make it more fun and challenging?

Context: Running lacks the excitement of collective sports but its unique in its flexibility. Solution: Looking into the way birds come together to fly and mimic these dynamics with a running wearable and platform.

Conceptual Design (2013)

A device that makes Skype and Spotify more accessible to the elderly.

Context: Skype and Spotify could help fight loneliness. Solution: a device inspired by both the radio and the telephone that makes it easy to use both applications.

Product Design (2013)

A mirror that uses an illusion to look like a window.