100 grams - Simplicity can be precious (2013)

There is a certain pleasure in carrying something precious. By precious I mean something that you care about and at the same time a product made with care.

The challenge was to create something that feels precious by playing with weight, different treatments of the material, shape and packaging, without using nobel materials or ornamentation.

Materials and details

100 grams is a one piece stainless steel pocket mirror. The polished finish on its surface assures a mirror-like reflection. The rest of the object has a brushed finish which still reflects part of the surrounding, but with much less fidelity.

Grams Process

Pocket Mirror - Finish Studies

Compass - Shape Studies

Compass and Pocket Mirror - Exploration of possible combinations of both

Compass and Pocket Mirror - Exploration of possible combinations

Pocket Mirror - Size and manufacturing

Digital Studies


Shape study - Foam modeling and new painting technique

Material and Finishes Exploration - Stainless steel (brush & polish); Anodized aluminum (black with a shiny edge); Flat glass; Acrylic; Convex glass