Understanding and envisioning the character of Freebird Aluminium

A project by The Firefly Solution (Jens Rasmussen, Lucas Teixeira, Wan-Jhen, Willeke Scholl)


New vision and identity.

Our goal was to shape an ambitious brand strategy by understanding the values and strengths of the company. We looked at what was unique within Freebird and what perspective we could offer them.

Freebird is a company with a wide expertise in Aluminium handling and printing with an open mindset, the will to try new things and embrace creativity. Our role was too design a brand that would connect their know-how with the people who are looking for their differentiator techniques.


The birth of three leading concepts

To do so we shaped the communication of the company to better appeal to the creative and industrial sector: To embrace challenge, to innovate and to grow together with their clients.