Companion lets you call your closest friends and listen to your favorite content. It started with the wish to design a product that could provide real companionship through sound. The main goal was making calling your closest friends and listening to your favorite radio/news/music a better and easier experience.


Friends and music. Skype + Spotify

We can find great pleasure and comfort in surrounding ourselves with the people and things we care the most about. Bringing what is closest to us closer to us is creating a sense of companionship. The feeling of companion begins with communication. Our relations are mainly built on verbal communication - humans are storytellers that convey the greatest part of their knowledge through sound. 

Companion is a vehicle for this communication, a bridge between people and people and people and content.
By making it a dedicated device to services like Skype or Spotify we can bring the best of both platforms to our home environment.



Set up the device with the Companion App

Each station can be changed at any time by connecting the device to the Companion App. This App can also act as a companion device and be used as a simple interface for music and calls.


The radio and the telephone combined in a single interface.

Radios played a big role in making people feel accompanied while alone. Music programs, talk shows, news programs and even advertising became important part of people's lives. Phones brought this connection to a next level by letting people to talk to each other directly.

The interface was inspired on those found in old phones and radios, to bring a sense of familiarity to the object and to make the experience close to those two devices